The Smart Way to Get FREE Accommodations

Stay at one of our condominiums, versus a hotel, and see the many ways that you benefit and save money.

Staying with us makes smart money sense.

In effect you can stay ALMOST FREE or even TOTALLY FREE!

Savings. Hotel vs Condominium.

When you stay with us, you pay for a condominium - not a per person rate.

A hotel room with a living room plus a kitchen is called an Executive Suite or a Presidential Suite.

A hotel upgrade to a Suite is a very expensive proposition that usually wealthier guests or those on corporate expense accounts generally can afford.

Our condominiums offer you all the amenities of a hotel Executive Suite, and a lot more.

The cost of renting one of our condominiums is no more than the cost of a moderate-priced hotel.

PLUS if you travel with children or another couple, our condominiums offer you greater personal privacy.

Remember a hotel room will only offer you a maximum of two beds in ONE room.

This is Not at all Private.

To have privacy at a hotel, you will have to book TWO rooms. That is DOUBLE the price! Or you can book a hotel suite, with a living room, but that may cost more then two standard rooms!

Every one of our condominiums has a SEPARATE BEDROOM and a SEPARATE LIVING ROOM!!

There is no extra cost for this upgraded accommodation or for additional guests.

Dining Savings

All of our condominiums have a FULL KITCHEN.

A full kitchen means that you have all the facilities that you would find in your own home. There is a full size refrigerator with a freezer, a stove with an oven, a microwave oven, a toaster, a coffee maker and all the necessary pots, pans and dinner ware.

On average, a medium priced meal in a restaurant or in the hotel coffee shop for two, is about $30.00 plus gratuity (tip). If you have alcohol with your meal it could be about $50.00 plus gratuity. And if you are a family with children, then double this figure for a meal.

Over a week, you most likely will have spent the equivalent of a weeks rent on dining out!


We are certainly not advocating that you do not dine out. That is part of the fun of a vacation.

Saving $20.00 per couple on breakfast each day, plus the cost of drinks and snacks adds up. Also consider the convenience of having snacks, sandwiches and drinks available in your condominium, at any time, without calling hotel room service. This is a huge convenience as well as a savings to you.

Gasoline Savings

Naturally, you save a great deal of time, by NOT having to go to a restaurant for every meal and snack. Savings add up fast. Take into account the time to get to a restaurant, finding parking, waiting for a table, waiting for service, and paying the bill. The average diner probably spends an hour and a half for EACH MEAL, from the time he leaves his hotel room. This is time out of your vacation time.

When you rent one of our condominiums you have more time to do the things that you WANT to do!

Add the cost of running around in the car, parking meters or parking garages and the savings really start to mount

Our condominiums have great locations. They are close to supermarkets, shopping, and other amenities. Whispers, in particular, is within a short walk to dining, shopping and fun activities. You don't need to drive at all!

  • Total Estimated Daily Savings per Couple
  • Hotel upgrade from a room to a Suite $100.00 +
  • One meal with drinks and gratuity $60.00 +
  • Breakfast with gratuity $20.00
  • Drinks and Snacks $20.00
  • Parking and Gasoline $10.00
  • TOTAL $210.00
  • Even without a hotel upgrade to a suite, the potential savings to you are still $110.00 per day. This is $770.00 per week.

Why Coming to stay with us in Florida Makes Sense

  • Florida is Safe. It is secure. It is affordable. It is easy to get to.
  • There is an International Airport 30 minutes away.
  • Affordable car rental. Good communications.
  • We speak English.
  • Our climate is subtropical. Enjoy sunshine every day.
  • Our amenities are the best in every category. There are no finer beaches anywhere.
  • We have culture, water sports, nightlife, and Disney World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios and much more.
  • Dining, museums, professional sports.
  • Casinos
  • Eco-tourism. Dolphin watching. Everglades National Park.
  • Kennedy Space Center

You Can Travel the World - Florida Offers You the World in One Country!